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About Us


What do you do when you can't sell everything and move to Provence? You simply bring a little of Provence into your life. As a former French teacher turned entrepreneur, I've been helping "bring the colors of Provence" into people's homes for the last several years with my imported French tablecloths and kitchen products through my business, While I sold tablecloths, my husband began keeping bees. His busy little bees have brought so much enjoyment and wonder to our world these last five years. However, with toxic sprays and sudden colony collapses, we knew we needed to do more. We began focusing our efforts on planting only those plants beneficial to pollinators. In our quest for a more bee-friendly property, we rediscovered our love of lavender.  With over three hundred plants and several varietals, our four acres has become an oasis for our bees and other pollinators like butterflies and giant native bumblebees! We are nestled below the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern Nevada, but for me, I see and smell Provence all around. We hope you enjoy what we are creating and be inspired to help bring nature back into balance in your own backyard!

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